14 Important Pieces Of Life Wisdom From Nicki Minaj

2. Call the world out on its bullshit.

3. Keep your hair game on point.

4. Relatedly, perfect the art of the dramatic hair flip.

5. Remember not to take yourself too seriously.

6. Always take time to have fun with friends.

7. And don’t be afraid to show your silly, unique self.

Besides, why do we even clap when we could just be twerking it out instead?

8. Whip out your invisible dick to intimidate your enemies.

9. Also important, call out everyone else’s dick game. Preferably in large, public gatherings.

10. Casually dismiss all the nonsense.

11. Don’t ever let anyone else try to define you.

12. Remind everyone (and yourself!) that you’re only human.

13. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: perfect the subtle and precise art of saying something without ever saying anything.

“An eye twitch says a thousand words.” – Ancient Proverb

The “who do you think you’re trying to play?” side-eye.

The “everyone around me is crazy” eyes.

The “don’t fucking touch me, I don’t like you” glance.

The “vacuum hose in your face” twitch that shows just the right amount of crazy.

The “I’m a little bit embarrassed for you so I offer this claw” face.

The “haters gonna hate but I’m not pressed” eye-roll.

The “come hither so I can slay you” eyes.

The “I’m really quite concerned for you” eyes.

The “bow down before your queen” eyes.

The “you need to get your life together” eyes.

The “who’s trying to come for me?” jab.

The “seriously, try to come at me” snarl.

And, of course, the classic “I’m Nicki” shrug.

14. Remember y’all, when in doubt, just channel your inner Nicki.

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