Community Post: Egyptian Street Art

1. Anonymous

The Guy Fawkes mask painted on the mask of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

2. Checkmate

The king is down. Referencing the ouster of long term president Mubarak.

3. Nefertari

Some graffiti artists portray historic images with a modern twist. Here is Nefertari wearing a gas mask,

4. Egyptian Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa brigade logo.

5. Road Block

Artists found a way to make the streets look less like a battle field.

6. Freedom

“Freedoms of speech, thought, religion, expression, assembly, choice, and association.”

7. Sad Panda


Sad Panda has become a recurring, satirical motif in Egyptian street art, and turns up in numerous locations across the urban landscape.

8. Anti-Censorship

Before the revolution in 2011, Egyptians were too scared to speak about anything political in fear of what might happen to them.

9. No Difference in Religion

Throughout the revolution, muslims were protecting christians and vice-versa.

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