Photo Fail Ends Up Giving Girl The Ultimate Selfie-Taking Arm


Panoramic photos can be invaluable tools for capturing scenes that an ordinary picture couldn’t, but it helps if the subject of your picture stays in one place when you’re taking the snapshot.

A panorama is essentially a digital quilt of similar photos, so when you have an object moving with the camera, you can end up with horrifying creations like a dog centipede or whatever name you want to give to that crime against nature.

In this instance, someone turned the T. Rex exhibit at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago into a scene out of a “Monty Python” movie after a girl taking a selfie unexpectedly morphed into a creature you’ve probably seen in your nightmares.

Apologies in advance if this is actually a picture of an alien and the Men in Black try to neutralize you.


H/T: Metro, Photo Courtesy: Imgur

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