Saul Goodman’s Very Best Legal Advice Leads The Daily Links

Need legal advice? Better call you-know-who. – [HuffPost TV]

Today in “now that you mention it”: Have you ever noticed that Hugh Jackman always looks like he’s measuring things? – [Vulture]

Greenland is melting faster than anyone ever expected. And climatologist Jason Box has a radical theory why. – [Rolling Stone]

What does Orange Is the New Black have to do with Community? Prepare to have your mind blown. – []

This is a web series called Frida Kahlo: Junior Marketing Exec. It makes absolutely no sense, and it’s amazing. – [Blip]

Who doesn’t love Disneyland? Um, all these poor miserable kids. – [Ranker]

Is it time to start casting the inevitable Anthony Weiner scandal movie yet? Yes. Yes it is. – [HuffPost Comedy]

Facebook used to be a little bit like the Wild West. But now that even your mom is on it, can they figure out how to make it fun again? – [The Fiscal Times]

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