Community Post: 37 Incredibly Brilliant Things You Should Love About Cornwall

1. First up, surfing (of course)

Though a wetsuit is definitely required

2. Even if you don’t get lucky with the waves, it can still be incredible

3. But there’s so much more – did you know there was a Cornish language, Kernowek?

4. You can even buy books teaching it

5. All of which means…Kernow a’gas dynergh!

6. Handily for the locals, all of Cornwall is neatly cut off from the rest of the UK by the River Tamar

7. Throughout history, the Cornish have stood up for their rights by rebelling

It has never worked, but the Cornish have led multiple protests against unjust laws coming from London

8. Not only does Cornwall have a patron Saint, St. Piran…

He floated a millstone over the sea from Ireland, discovered tin, lived for 200 years, and was very fond of a drink. He met his end falling down a well.

9. It has two more! St Michael is associated with St Michael’s Mount…

10. …and St. Petroc with Padstow

11. The Cornish flag flies across the land

12. Especially on the national day, March 5th

13. It’s one of the seven ancient Celtic Nations

14. As a result, Cornwall has its own tartan

15. There are new pieces of history being created as well. This is Sawmills studio, used by a variety of rockstars.

Only accessible by boat, past users include Robert Plant, Oasis, The Verve, Supergrass, Muse, The Stone Roses, and Ride.

16. New bands are coming through as well. This is Tall Ships, named for the annual Falmouth festival

17. Falmouth even has a great new University

And alongside that, Camborne School of Mines, and a second campus for Exeter

18. Cornwall has some excellent cuisine. Everyone knows the Cornish Pasty.

Devon people, it’s Cornish. Don’t argue.

19. It’s not just Pasties. This is a Stargazy Pie.

20. And this is a Cornish Cream Tea.

It’s spread with strawberry jam, and topped with a spoonful of clotted cream. Not the other way round, like the heathens in Devon.

21. There are plenty of chefs setting up world-class restaurants in Cornwall as well.

Rick Stein has a couple, while Jamie Oliver and John Torode have new sites.

22. There’s plenty of beer

Along with Sharp’s, there’s Skinners, St. Austell, Atlantic, and many more.

23. Including the Blue Anchor, the only pub in the world to produce Spingo

It’s a type of Old English Ale, if you were wondering

24. There’s a full Cyder farm as well

25. And anyone who’s lived in Cornwall remembers the epic nights drinking Scrumpy

Or doesn’t remember, as the case may be

26. Cornwall has given the world its share of celebrities as well

Thandie Newton was brought up in Penzance. Sir Ben Ainslie, Kristin Scott Thomas, Andrew Ridgley and Dawn French all have ties with the region as well, among many others.

27. The Cornish Diaspora reaches out to the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil.

This is a Cornish pasty shop, in California

28. Cornwall has its own legends, like the Beast of Bodmin Moor

It’s like Bigfoot…but a big cat

29. It has its own sports, like Cornish Wrestling

Or wrasslin’, if you prefer

30. And a long history of Cornish Rugby

31. The beaches are incredible. This is Treen.

No, it’s not Bermuda

33. Which means when they happen, storms are always dramatic

34. Actually, all the countryside is spectacular

35. Especially Tintagel, birthplace of King Arthur

36. And the Minack Theatre

37. The fishing villages are incredible too

38. tl;dr? Cornwall is awesome

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