Community Post: 14 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Little Mix

1. We haven’t had a powerful girl group from the U.K. since the Spice Girls

2. Their music makes you want to step on any man who stands in your way

“Divas, queens we don’t need no man”
– Salute

3. They were the first female girl group to win the British X-Factor

4. They’re not afraid to be a bit weird

At least they look good doing it

5. They can dance

gEt iT gUrL

6. They can create some unique four-part harmonies

Destiny’s Child couldn’t do that (still love you Bey)

7. They’re all good looking


8. They send out a strong and positive message to girls everywhere

Go listen to “Little Me” and every other song they’ve ever recorded…

9. They have a fun sense of style

Blue hair, don’t care

10. Because Perrie Edwards

Even though she stole Zayn Malik from us you can’t help but love her

11. Their new album “Salute” hit No. 1 on the U.S. charts the day it was released

12. They are genuinely good friends

14. When you listen to Little Mix you feel like you can take on the world

If you’re still unsure, go watch their music video for “Move”

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