Community Post: The Five Craziest Cyanide Poisonings Of All Time

Cyanide is the Forest Gump of poisons. It is also one of history’s most famous poisons, so it makes sense that many historical figures, both real and fictional, fell victim to its poisoning. Here are some examples of them and what exactly happened in the process.

2. Rasputin

Rasputin was allegedly fed enough poison to kill FIVE MEN, but his official cause of death was drowning in a river in which he had been dumped after he had been shot four times, beaten, and stabbed. They really, really wanted that dude dead.

3. Urooj Khan

Urooj Khan hit the jackpot. Literally. His lotto ticket won him a nice sum of $600,000 dollars. He cashed in the ticked and… died the next day. The police didn’t order an autopsy at first because the death seemed natural EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT HE DIED THE DAY AFTER HE CASHED IN A LOTTERY TICKET FOR $600,000!

Whoever administered the poison to these men had several options when it came to what method they wanted to poison him with, as there are three kinds of soluble forms of cyanide.

5. Adolf Hitler

Not only did Hitler shoot himself in his bunker when he knew defeat was imminent, he also popped a cyanide pill just for good measure.

A whole lot of suffering happened to Hitler when the cyanide started to kick in which… well hard to feel sorry for the guy.

7. Any 00 Agent Except Bond

Much like several real life operatives, secret agents for the fictionalized English secret service are issued cyanide pills to take in case they are captured to avoid being tortured and possibly leak info.

James bond threw his away, because he knew he was a badass.

8. Dr. Who

The 10th doctor had a run in with Cyanide in an episode, but because of his non-human body and some quick thinking he didn’t meet his end in this instance.

Once in the system of those lesser agents, it would have been combined with the Iron in his body, making it so their heart and brain ceased working completely, but that wasn’t a problem for the good doctor.

10. For more on this crazy poison…

Watch this week’s episode of Pick Your Poison for the full story on Cyanide.

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