Couple drops acid, then attempt to put together ikea furniture

IKEA has a history of designing and producing cheap furniture you can assemble yourself from the comfort of your own home, but that low price is often accompanied by very cheap materials and sometimes, missing pieces.

Now, imagine yourself trying to put something like a dresser together without breaking any of the pieces (which is more a challenge than one might think), and then imagine attempting to do so while you’re tripping on acid!

Welcome to the beautiful minds of the folks from the HIKEA channel, because they actually wanted to figure out how long it would take for that to happen and… the results are what you’d expect from people high off their minds on a psychoactive drug! To their credit they managed to piece together one section of the furniture piece, but they couldn’t handle the whole thing, and to their discredit it took them nearly four hours to do just that…

Here’s the takeaway folks – it’s hard to get anything done when you’re off your rocker!

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