Least Discreet Drug Deal Ever Goes Down Behind News Anchor On Live TV (Video)

Photobombs are always entertaining, but this one on live TV may very well go down in history as the best bomb ever.

In this video, what looks like the least discreet drug deal ever happens directly behind an oblivious news anchor as he’s delivering a live report on a New York Fox News affiliate.

Two men can be seen approaching one another from opposite directions, exchanging something quickly and then parting ways. One — presumably the dealer — even stops for a second to examine what he has in his hand, and it looks as if he’s counting money.

Considering the details, this exchange sure seems like a drug deal.

The alleged buyer must have been fiending hard to not notice the news crew filming just yards away.

While the reporter continues talking about the snowstorm that hit northern New York this week, his coworkers in the news studio giggle, having seen what happened.

As a notoriously conservative news network, the top dogs at Fox must be pretty peeved that they accidentally broadcast what looks like a live narcotics deal — but we think it’s hilarious.

See the exchange up top.

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