22 Reasons To Get Obsessed With Lorde

1. You’ve heard “Royals” about 500 times and you’re still addicted.

3. I mean, seriously unreal.

She hasn’t cut it in FOUR YEARS.

4. Then she plays with it, and you’re like WHOA.


It’s just … so much hair.

5. She’s only 16.

As in, she was born in 1996. As in, what the hell am I doing with my life.

6. And she’s already cooler than you’ll ever be.

It’s depressing, I know.

9. She’s a hypnotic performer.

Can’t. Look. Away.

10. With truly amazing stage presence.

11. She’s actually kind of intimidating?

But in the BEST WAY.

13. But Lorde is also chill as hell. And good with animals.

14. She already has major celebrity endorsements.


Vanessa Hudgens is ON IT. Jimmy Fallon will catch up eventually.

17. Lorde speaks her mind through her lyrics.

Which are scary mature. Who is that self-aware in high school?

18. And embraces being unconventional.

19. Lorde’s music is insightful and infectious.

21. All of which is why she’s deserving of our worship.

22. Might as well bow down.

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