How To Deal With That Person Who Thinks Black History Month Shouldn’t Exist

Every year, come this time around February, this person creeps up on your social media feed.

You want to say something, but having an argument on the internet can be kind of frustrating.

1. An “Excedrin for Racial Tension” might be a good place to start.

3. Think about where you want the conversation to go.

There’s a difference between a “what they did conversation” and a “what they are conversation”.

4. Be strategic and precise with your language and ask that they do so as well.

For example, an agreed definition of what constitutes “racism” might be a good start.

5. Nip the “devil’s advocate” posturing in the bud.

Art by Amajor7

6. Put an end to any sentence that begins with “I don’t want to sound racist, but…”

Nothing good has ever come after that qualifier.

7. See through the derailment techniques.

Art by Piranha

8. Don’t get tangled in the warped logic.

Art by Superqueerartsyblog

10. Be sure to look at the past…

11. …as well as the current landscape of racial politics.

12. Be wary of “hipster racism”.

Also called “ironic racism”, by some. Or just plain racism, by many. This is the “oh my gosh, you guise! I’m totally joking about that racist joke I just made” type of logic.

13. Ask them what “White History Month” would even look like?

Art by Cyanide & Happiness

14. Refer them to some resources.

Seriously, there a great number of books and online resources detailing the origins of black history month. Kindly Google it, person already on the internet.

15. Things might get ugly…

James Devaney / WireImage

…but don’t be afraid to call things out

16. In the event that they become emotional, be sympathetic. Try to hear where they are coming from.

17. Well, be sympathetic to an extent…

…having perspective is also important.

18. And most importantly, know when to disengage.

19. Your sanity >>> winning an argument on the internet.

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