Here Is What Kimbo Slice’s Next Opponent Dada 5000 Can Do In The Cage

Kimbo Slice will be taking on Dada 5000 soon and there is a major beef to settle between the two.

Slice claims that Dada has been a Kimbo wannabe for a long time now, even trying to look like him and grow out a beard like Kimbo, while boasting how he was part of the Slice inner circle, when he was just a bodyguard for a short time. Kimbo looks to once and for all put the wannabe in his place. While Kimbo is going up against a 63, 270 pounder who can bench 670, Dada, real name Dhafir Harris, is far from technically skilled and relies on haymakers to finish his fights. He has won both of his 2 pro fights ending in KO/TKO. But as youll see here, he wouldve lost this fight had it not been for the worst referee stand up in MMA history.

Slice has gone through some serious MMA training and should make quick work of Dada 5000, once and for all settling the long time beef he has with the former bodyguard. Check out this video and see if you can explain the strange call the ref makes to stand both fighters back up.

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